NOVA Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Student Profile for Class of 2014

Avg MCAT: 27
Avg Undergrad GPA: 3.41
Ave Science GPA: 3.31

Information can be found on their website here.

Average MCAT score for NSU-COM class of 2012

Avg Accepted MCAT Total Score 26.15
Avg MCAT Biology Score 9.22
Avg MCAT Phys Science Score 8.51
Avg MCAT Verbal Score 8.41

Avg Accepted Undergraduate GPA 3.44
Avg Science GPA 3.33
Avg NonScience GPA 3.55

Average MCAT and GPA for all applicants:
Avg MCAT Total Score 24.45
Avg MCAT Biology Score 8.60
Avg MCAT Phys Science Score 7.94
Avg MCAT Verbal Score 7.92
Avg Undergraduate GPA 3.37
Avg Science GPA 3.24
Avg NonScience GPA 3.50