What I learned visiting ATSU-KCOM

Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine is a nice school. It is not as nice in terms of how fancy things are around the school, but in the way the school is run. KCOM has been around a long time, and they seem to have it running like clockwork. This is not to say that they are just a machine; I felt like they cared about the individual I found the efficiency of the school to be very attractive.

They seemed to have a lot of things planned ahead. When I went out to Kirksville to interview ATSU volunteered to have a student house me for a night. This gave me the opportunity to talk with other students before I even set foot on campus. I was able to spend the night with a student with a family, which was very nice because I also have a family.

KCOM is a very family friendly school. I was impressed with the support groups and activities that were provided for spouses and children. Most med students don’t have families, but those who do should seriously consider applying to KCOM.
ATSU-KCOM recently added a large addition to there school. Inside the addition they put a large new OMM lab. It was definitely the largest manuel medicine lab that I have visited. It was very nice with table that are able to move up and down and large projector screens so the students can see what is being taught. In the building there was also a new simulator lab. These labs seem to be turning into a standard feature in osteopathic medical schools. The new addition also houses the school’s library.
KCOM has a fairly large anatomy lab. It wasn’t too bad; however, it does have the classic anatomy lab stench. Two of the schools I visited had pristine smelling labs and two did not, unfortunately  this was one that did not.
Another thing to note is that KCOM is basically attached to a hospital. The hospital used to owned by the school, but has since been sold. One stipulation in the contract for the hospital was that KCOM students can stop in at any time and shadow and work with physicians. Also, many of the DOs that teach at KCOM currently practice medicine at the hospital. I found it comforting to know that the teachers are actively practicing while they teach.
A.T. Still University is also concerned about student health. Just off of the main campus they have a building for student activities. They have groups for all kinds of sports including racquetball and fencing.
One last thing to note about KCOM is the 3rd and 4th year. Most DO schools place you for your 3rd year and then give you more freedom (and more responsibility) for setting up your 4th year clinical rotations. KCOM has many states that provide clinical rotations, and when you receive your assignment you know that you will be there for 2 years. For some people this is nice and provides security, stability, and simplifies the stresses that come along with medical school.


  1. Mandy, The Mother of All Chaos says

    Hello- so, totally don’t know you 😉 But saw your blog from sdn….My husband is a 1st yr at KCOM, and also was accepted to WVSOM…if you have any questions or would like any info before you make your decision, please feel free to email me at wanzek6@yahoo.com….this is a huge decision and I knew we wanted all the info we could get! Good luck! And Congrats- amazing relief to know whereever you go, you will be a doctor!

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