DOs do research!

Many aspiring physicians shy away from osteopathic schools because they fear that they won’t get the opportunity to do research. This is an unfortunate misconception. There are many people attending osteopathic medical schools that are getting involved in research projects.

Through a quick search I was able to find many different examples of DOs involved in research:
And the list of DOs involved in research can go on forever. Now it may be true that in osteopathic medical schools research may not be the number the top priority; however, teaching the students to understand research and be competent, caring, and qualified physicians is a top priority for all the schools.
If you are planning on attending medical school and love research don’t be afraid to look into osteopathic medical schools. Do your homework and figure out which schools the best opportunities for you.
Finally, remember that no matter what your research experience is like through medical school, if you love research you will have opportunities throughout your career to get involved. Medicine is always in need of good research. If you love research then there is room for you.

What I learned by visiting LMU-DCOM

Harrogate, TN, is a very small rural community. Luckily, it is just a quick tunnel drive through a mountain to Middlesboro, KY, which has a population of roughly 10,384 (someone may have moved recently). Lincoln Memorial University is a smaller school itself; however, they do have many graduate programs. The DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine is one of the more recent programs at the school. 

DCOM is a nice school. On interview day we all sat down in a board room and had a few presentations. During the presentations someone said, “We might just be the most technologically advanced medical school in the nation.” I heard that and thought, “Sure, every school thinks that.” However, while touring the school I was very impressed. They might really stand up to their claim. Of all the schools I have visited, DCOM definitely the most advanced school in terms of technology.
I was particularly excited when we were shown how all the lectures are audio and video recorded, and are quickly made available for students to view and study with. I have found it useful in my premed studies to listen to lectures again, and feel that video would only enhance my learning experience.
As with other schools, DCOM also utilizes robots for students to practice what they are learning. These simulators are impressive and deserve a post of their own.
DCOM is a new school, but the faculty is not new to teaching in any way. All of the teachers have taught before. Some of the teachers have even been deans at other medical schools before starting at DCOM. I could be mistaken, but I remember one of the presenters stating that currently all of the faculty even writes for the national exams. This is a new school, but they are set up for success.

What I knew before visiting LMU-DCOM

The next school I interviewed with was Lincoln Memorial University – DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine in Harrogate, TN. This was the one school that I really didn’t know much about. To be absolutely honest, LMU-DCOM was a school I applied to based solely on it’s name (who doesn’t want to attend a school named after Pres. Lincoln!?).

Every other school that I applied to I knew something about, but not this one. I didn’t even know that DCOM was a brand new school until I talked to a friend at school whose brother lived out near LMU. I had already received acceptance letters to LECOM and WVSOM before my interview day with the DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine. I already really liked LECOM and WVSOM and was questioning whether I should even head out to Tennessee to interview. Luckily, my friend had been out to the school and recommended that I go check out the school before I made any decisions.

Where I am in the Process

The process of applying to medical school can be very long and trying. I am glad to be where I am right now. I know I will start medical school in July/August of 2009; I just need to decide which school to attend.

I interviewed with LECOM, WVSOM, LMU-DCOM, and ATSU-KCOM. I was honestly just hoping that someone would accept me for school this year. I feel very blessed that all four schools have offered me a spot in next year’s class. This is a tough decision because each school had something that set them apart from all the other schools. 
Over the next while I will be leaving posts about what each of my interviews were like, what I thought of the campuses, and more information about my application process.