Outsourcing surgery to India?

Have you ever called your credit card company, or computer support, and found you were talking to someone in India? It is often difficult to relate your problem well with someone on the other side of the world. This is a common frustration for many people.

Now, did you ever think that you would go in for a consult only to find out you will be going to India for surgery? NY Times put out an article that would surprise a lot of people. When I first read the article I thought that no one would¬†actually¬†consider leaving the US for healthcare, but when you look at the cost difference… people who need help might really give it a thought.
Who knows if this will become a trend, but it is something that doctors and hospitals need to pay attention to. This could begin to concern us all. Take a look at the article and, if you want, come back and leave a comment about your opinion.