Doctor in Training OMM Review

Preparing for COMLEX is a big task.  There’s a lot to study for, and it’s hard to know if you’re studying the right things.  Often students to study programs that are designed for the USMLE, which isn’t a bad choice; however, USMLE programs don’t cover all the topics that are found on the COMLEX.  Don’t get me wrong, the USMLE and COMLEX exams have a lot in common but USMLE study programs like the osteopathic practices and principles that are needed to get a high score on the COMLEX.

When you talk to osteopathic medical students about OMT you get a wide variety of responses.  Some students absolutely love it, and others find it to be the most frustrating thing they have to deal with.  I was one of those students that loved it.  I always did well in my osteopathic principles and practices class; however, there were other areas of medical school that I struggled and when I went to take the COMLEX I wanted to make sure that my osteopathic principles scores could help balance out areas where I was not as strong.

I had the opportunity to try three different OMT review programs.  Each program had its pluses and minuses, but my favorite program that I used was the OMT review program by Doctors in Training.  I know that Doctors in Training is a program designed for the USMLE by MD physicians, but they hired a couple of osteopathic physicians to do in review program using the green OMT Review book by Savarese.  Many students look at this and say, “I can read that book on my own.  I don’t need someone else to go through for me.” And I can understand that feeling.  In fact, that is exactly how I felt when they heard about their program.  After trying the two other programs my opinion changed.  Savarese did a better job than anyone else that I’ve seen in creating OMT review.  The guy’s a DIT have a knack for recognizing quality review book.  None of the other programs that I tried seemed to have the same quality of focus back to green book has.

The guy’s a DIT walk you through the green book in about 18 videos.  The videos do not cover every single thing talked about in the OMT Review book, but they definitely cover the Hi-Yield topics and they do a very good job of it.  Not only do they cover the Hi-Yield topics, but they throw in a few extra golden nuggets that are not covered in the green book that definitely showed up on my COMLEX exam.

Just like a full COMLEX review program may not be necessary for every one the OMT review may not be necessary for every one, but if you want to get a high score on the COMLEX you need to make sure that you will get high scores on the osteopathic practices and principles sections of your COMLEX exam.  For me the Doctors in Training osteopathic review was the right match for me.

As my site continues to grow I’m going to be putting together a full COMLEX preparations section, and in that section I will give a more specific review of each of the programs I’ve tried.  Until that time I hope this review help you get a better idea of what the doctors in training videos can do for you.

I was provided with free access to the DIT OMM course in order to provide this review. Everything in this article is my own opinion and accurately reflects my experience with the product.

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