First Round of Acceptances Done!

Students accepted to osteopathic school before November 15th needed to send deposits in by December 14th to hold their seats for fall 2009. This means a few things. Most importantly to those of you still in the application process, you now have a lot of seats available. This is a great time to be interviewing with schools.

As I have mentioned before, I was accepted to a few different schools and I found it very difficult to decide which school to attend. Because I couldn’t make up my mind it took me a while to decline my seat at a few schools. Many people were in the same situation. I have given my deposit and accepted a spot at LMU-DCOM. This means that KCOM, WVSOM, and LECOM now have openings that were previously filled. A lot of people did the same thing, so there are lots of seats open now. Get your application in. Get your secondary applications done. Brush up your interview skills and get ready… this could be your time.


  1. I came upon your blog a couple weeks ago and I just wanted to say thanks for keeping up with it! It’s been really helpful reading about your experiences. I’m still working on my DO secondaries, trying to get them in hopefully next week. I’m starting to worry a bit about turning them in so late; do you have any thoughts?

  2. Diane,

    Hurry and get your secondaries done, ASAP. You are not too late yet. On December 14th all accepted students turned in their letters of intent and deposits. Along with that A LOT of seats were left empty again. I alone left three seats at schools and I have friends that left 5 or 6 more. Right now schools are looking to fill those seats again! Hurry!

    Where are you applying to? If you want any help or advice let me know; I would be happy to look things over or give thoughts.


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