Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

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The 2020 MSU-COM admissions site states that the average grade point for each entering class has consistently been 3.5 to 3.7

They place a greater emphasis on the science GPA. Particularly upper-level biological science classes.

The average MCAT score for recent entering classes is just over 28/505-507.

CLASS OF 2017 Profile
MCAT: 9.19 overall average
GPA: 3.57 overall average
Number of applications: 4,588
Number enrolled: 311
Female/male ratio: 134/177
Age distribution: 19-40; average 23
Michigan/non-Michigan residency: 275/36
Individual volunteer hours: 1,668 average

MSU-COM MCAT information:

Average score for matriculated students: 26-27

In March of 2010 MSU-COM stated that the average MCAT was 8.8 which would translate out to a 26.4 average.

25% of accepted students have an MCAT score of 29 or higher.

MSU-COM GPA information: Average GPA for matriculated students: 3.57