Don’t sweat the interview!

Interviewing for medical school can be a nerve-racking experience for anyone. You have been working toward this moment for a long time and now the moment has arrived. Relax. You have no need to worry. The school that has invited you for an interview invited you because they already like you.

Schools do not invite you to interview with them so you so they can mock or taunt you! They spend money when you come to visit. They are to printing information for you, providing food, and paying physicians and teachers to interview you. This would be a huge waste of time and money for them if they didn’t think that they want YOU to attend their school.

When I interviewed with schools I was worried that they would notice that 5 years ago I got a D+ in calculus, or that last year I earned a C+ in the first semester of organic chemistry. Reality is that only one school even halfway brought up the C+ (only to comment that I did improve in the o-chem 2) and nobody mentioned the calculus grade at all.

I’m not saying don’t be prepared to counter such questions, but realize that they already know about these flaws and they still invited you to check out their school. This is your chance to show that you are a person that cares enough about other people to be a physician. Take the chance to show that you are more than a pile of statistics and that you will be the type of physician that will represent their school well!

I know it sounds silly to tell you not to worry, but remember, they already like you. Show them they were right to invite you for an interview.